Gilt Edge

The clash of crisp new uniforms against the backdrop of a gritty downtown warehouse, provided fantastic homegrown visuals for the 2015 Piedmont Football local marketing campaign. A series of fresh and edgy shots featuring individuals, groups and inform close-ups translated to season schedules, social media content, game promotions and more; many of which are featured below.

9 Baller2

Prepared For Battle

Group shot exploration against the backdrop of colorful graffiti inside and outside of the warehouse location. Who’s the “Trapqueen”? Art Director: Steve Humphries, Photographer: Brian Mahany.

Looking Hard

Individual portraits in the raw capture the mindset of the players for their season ahead. The high contrast combined with light dropping down from the skylight above set a great mood and attitude for the players. This was a much different style than the super clean feel of the uniform shoot. Art Director: Steve Humphries, Photographer: Brian Mahany.

Added Effects

Once the photography was completed, the hard part began of trying to choose the best visuals for the Fall campaign. It was amazing that even though none of these guys had ever modeled before, we had an abundance of working visuals to apply various effects, overlay schedule graphics and create weekly game posters. Art Director: Steve Humphries, Photographer: Brian Mahany.

Fruits of Labor

It was a lot of fun to see the photography transform into marketing materials that put the players front and center to generate excitement about their team and in turn, fans in the stands for Friday Night Lights. Go Highlanders! Art Director/Graphic Design: Steve Humphries, Photographer: Brian Mahany.

Brian Mahany

Brian Mahany is a professional commercial photographer who has contributed to many sports related photo shoots for Gridiron Labs and the Piedmont Football Archive project. Please visit his web site for thorough look at his work at